Dreams Really Do Come True..

I cannot imagine a minute without my beautiful child although not too long ago that was my destiny and I walked the lonely miles of infertility. But we were the lucky ones, because our heartache evaporated like a puff of smoke on the 6th June 1998 as our pregnancy was confirmed. 12 years of treatment and loneliness completely dissolved and our real world began.

Our Story

This is a true, but somewhat unconventional, love story of two ordinary people from different cultural backgrounds who meet and fall in love before tying the knot amidst a whirlwind of passion and expectation for the future. Unfortunately this is where their problems begin, as infertility forces their lives into a totally unexpected direction.


“How do they come through 12 years on IVF while dealing with the financial pressure of losing two businesses and ultimately bankruptcy?

The story spans 25 years of love, passion, hope, hilarity and despair before they achieve total bliss, above all shows how two ordinary people sharing an unbreakable bond can together face up to and overcome any challenge that life can throw up.


Thompson, Author:

I would ask you all to stop for a moment and remember the feeling when your child spoke their first word, how it took your breath away and you probably spent the next few days telling everyone you knew and everyone you met what a genius your little one was, and quite rightly so.

We’d Love to Help….


If enough people buy this book, who knows how many people we can help!

Lloyd and I have a goal to help create babies via the revenue generated from book sales, therefore as we asked at the beginning ‘WHY BUY THIS BOOK’, well I would beg of you to purchase a copy as fertility treatment does not come cheap, our own son costing in the region of £32,000, and I know that there are people presently going through their final treatment due to the fact their finances ran dry, so therefore please I beg of anyone who reads this, buy the book because together we can help create much wanted babies for people just like me.

Amazon Reader Review

5.0 out of 5 stars A Book of love, life and laughs… Just couldn’t put it Down…
I bought this book as i am about to start the ivf journey myself and have a very dear friend who’s first round of IVF very upsettingly failed (I have bought her the book and hope she finds it as great a read as me) This book shows how Trudie and Lloyd have battled when the world was against them, yet at the end they have the most beautiful young man there is. It tells a story that keeps you wanting more and more (my husband had to literally take the kindle off me one night as it was gone 1am and I was chuckling away) I cried a tear and also laughed so hard (whilst having my car MOT’d, in a full car showroom can I add) and found it so hard to put down. This book is a joy to read, and is written so very well that you feel the authors are actually reading it to you,

About to start IVF? Or know someone who is? Then this is the book for you…. It helps you understand.

Well done Trudie and Lloyd, a cracking read!

LisaMarie – Cirencester – Gloucester

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